Build & Run project

Download an extract TStore project

API server

  1. Find and copy api folder in tstore/server/ folder and paste to PHP server. For example:
  2. Create shop_product database(or any name) in MYSQL and import tstore/server/api/shop_product.sql file to database
  3. Change the config with your database from API PHP in your server from your_hosting_path/api/connect/connect.php file

$mysqli = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "root", "shop_product");

See the database structure

Client Shop

  1. Go to tstore/client folder
  2. Change the config from tstore/client/src/configs/common.js file with your information

    export const storename = 'Shop App'; <- your store name export const storeemail = ''; <- your store mail
    export const globalurl = ''; <- link to your API server

  3. Run npm install or yarn install

  4. Finally run $react-native run-ios with iOS or $react-native run-android with Android

Manage Product/Category/Material/Color in Client Shop

You can CRUD Product in ShopAp with step below

  1. Create an account login to Client Shop with the email like as storeemail in tstore/client/src/configs/comon.js file

    export const storeemail = ''; <- your store mail

  2. You can see the Product Setting section with CRUD of Product/Category/Material/Color tabs on ShopApp

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